Yes you can still eat that and LOSE weight

Have you heard that you shouldn’t eat pasta if you want to lose weight?

“Hell no…. Do not eat pasta, it will make you gain weight!” 

How many diets have you tried that fed you that line of B.S.?  You cannot eat … pasta.

Nowadays there are so many options: whole wheat, veggie, chik pea, white, fortified with protein, gluten free …. The options for pasta goes on and on….

So what makes a good pasta? 

  1. Whole grain should be the first ingredient.

  2. Keep the number of ingredients to less than 5. 

  3. It should have at least 3 grams of fiber.

Let’s go ahead and debunk some myths about pasta too: 

  1. Veggie pasta does not mean it is better - majority of these are just white enriched pasta with a tiny amount of veggies in them.  

  2. Having protein in your pasta does not make it better. It only increases the calories.  The only time you really need to have extra protein if you plan to add protein to the pasta.

  3. Eating pasta makes you fat.  100% ridiculous…. 

Honestly you can eat pasta and lose weight but we need to determine what pastas work best for you and your family. We need to discuss how to put them into a healthy diet. And we need to make small sustainable changes that will lead you to a life full of results and not a life of hunger!

You want to eat your favorite pasta for life! You can and you can still lose weight!

So now that you know what kind of pasta to choose … tell me what your favorite pasta dish is below! 

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