Turkey or Beef?

Is Turkey meat really better for me than beef?

You have two identical looking packs of turkey. Yet one is healthy and one isn't. 

How do you know which is which?

I'll come back to that question in a moment - but first, this came from a conversation I was having with my client Kelli the other day:

"But it's ground turkey Leslie, it's healthy!???!'"

She sat there dumbfounded as I explained that just because you choose turkey meat over beef or pork does not mean you are eating healthier.

“So what turkey is healthy?” she asked further.

I explained the qualities of good healthy turkey: 

  1. Lean or 93/7, 95/5, or 99/1 Lean 

  2. Antibiotic Free 

  3. Free range 

  4. Organic 

  5. Light/white in color 

  6. Fresh is better than frozen 

And this brings us back to the initial question 'how do you tell the difference between two identical looking packets of turkey?

Answer: know how to read the label.

For most people, the label is confusing as hell...

"Contains niacin and riboflavin - what the hell is that??!?'

But when you know exactly what to look for - and this is something I teach in my program - you can understand these complicated labels in about 10 seconds.

Then you can throw out the crappy unhealthy option and keep the good one!

Would you like some more grocery tips? If so, what would you like to learn? 

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