Toddler getting too much sugar?

Is your toddler getting too much sugar?

Have a toddler? Did you know that 98% of toddlers have high amounts of added sugars in their regular diet?

Did you know that added sugars are linked to heart disease, diabetes, and obesity?

Most toddlers are regularly consuming added sugars through yogurt, fruit juice, and on the go nutrition bars.

While these foods are normally considered to be “healthy” the amount of added sugars are well above the recommended amounts. 

Luckily for us, most products are actually telling us the sugar content vs. the added sugar content on the label.

So to drop the sugar in your toddlers diet here are three things to do now:

  1. Read the label and do not pick up any foods that have more than 7 grams of added sugar. 

  2. Cut out fruit juice or at least do 1 ounce of fruit juice to every 3 ounces of water. 

  3. For on the go bars look for ones with a small amount of ingredients and make sure they only have 10 grams or less of total sugar. 

Small changes in your toddlers diet can help in the long run for overall healthy eating for life.

Lily loves plain yogurt and fresh fruit mixed together. Try it with your kids!  For more specific and customized plans feel free to reach out so I can customize this for you today!

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