The Reality of Mom Guilt

Mom guilt. It’s a thing ya know? Or maybe you don’t know. Maybe you are one of the moms or people who just have it all together?

Me … heck no. But I was born and raised catholic and well guilt is a word I know soooooo well.  In fact I feel guilty for most things. It is a trait I am working on correcting and not passing on to my daughter.

SO let’s break that down… mom guilt. Honestly is really just a term for feeling like someone else has it all together. There are so many things we feel guilty for … like working, not working, what we feed our kid, what we teach our kid, what we do for play with our kid.

But there’s really only 1 thing we need to do, keep our self and our child alive. Thus we need to feed, provide hydration, play, and love. Simple. Easy. Not a lot honestly.

One of the things I struggle with the most is that I feel like some other mom is doing it better. ZI am afraid, Lily might not be able to get everything she ever wants or travel to every place she wants. God forbid she ever says “can’t you be more like….”

The tears would just flow down my face. However I know in my heart I have provided love to my daughter. I have helped her grow. She might not always be the person who “has all of the things.” And my hubby and I might never be millionaires or as rich as the Jones family down the street but we have love and fun and a bond that is unbreakable.   

So today I thought what are some FREE fun things to do with my baby girl:

  • play at the park

  • swing

  • swim

  • dance

  • sing 

  • love

  • hug

  • cuddle

  • daydream

  • be funny

I could literally list out a ton of other things, but the reasons I wrote these … are because these things are what you can do everyday and your kid will probably think you are literally the BEST mom ever. Ya know why? Kids don’t understand money or why some people “have all the things.”

Instead all that kid wants is your love and attention. Its. That. Simple. So what do you say we all work together to cut the guilt?

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