The Metabolism Killer

What the heck, why can some people eat whatever they want and not gain weight!?

“I mean, why does Sally always get to eat more than me and never worry about her weight!?!?! you scream in your head knowing that both you and Sally weigh 150 lbs. 

It is Friday night as you look down at your plate of salad with disgust and glance over at  Sally’s chicken wings with a look that could kill.  

 You keep thinking ……   “Literally every time you head out the door with friends you are “on a diet” and they will just never understand because “they are naturally skinny.”

So back to the original question - why can some people eat whatever they want, and others just look at a muffin and put on 5 pounds?

The honest answer isn’t simple but it does have to do with the fact that while you and Sally weigh the same, Sally has never dieted.  Sally’s metabolism is naturally working at a higher rate than yours. 

Cold hard truth:  the more we diet, the more we slow down on our metabolism… which means if we are chronically following a diet…

by the time we are 60…

1200 calories a day with exercise may be what we have to follow to just maintain weight.

So every time you “do that cleanse” or “go on an egg fast” or “follow keto/paleo”...  you slow down your metabolism so unfortunately when you finally reach that goal weight… 

Your body wants to run at less calories. 

WHICH Means you eat less for LIFE!

The simple answer … learn how to eat right without the crazy fast, diet, restriction, or whatever so you can keep your metabolism revved up for life.

So what do you think… take the “cheap” way and follow that FAD or fast and go into your 60s eating nothing but salad ….

Remember I am always here for a FREE assessment to help you figure out how to get your metabolism back.

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