The Battle over the Dishes

Anyone else ever fight with their spouse or give them the evil eye … like it is your turn to do the dishes? Or is it just this house hold?

Honestly it used to be whoever cooked did not have to do the dishes. But what about the times where I cook the veggies and the side and he cooks the meat? Like who does the dishes then? Or better yet when I am the only one home because he is on the military ship? HAHA … needless to say 90% of the time I do the dishes.

It reminds me of the movie “The Story of Us”. I want you to want to do the dishes! --- Who wants to do the dishes? Makes legit sense. I mean I frequently say a quick prayer that the dish fairy will come and clean them all up.

But truly I feel sometimes the fight is really just because I do dishes as I make them and Ian would leave a million dishes pile up in one day before ever touching them. Like is it a guy thing? Am I too tidy?

I truly know that this will be a never ending joke in our house because no one wants to do the dishes, but I truly do wonder is there a 50/50 or 100/100 or is there just this never ending battle where I hope he remembers to put the dishes in the dishwasher or remembers to do that dish before I find it in the sink or better yet next to it.

It is definitely not a marriage stopper or divorce reason but I truly wonder if anyone out there likes to do dishes. If anyone out there does not have the fight over who does the dishes. Are things 50/50 anywhere? Is there a better answer?

Until then we will keep our deal of the one who cooks gets to skip the dishes and play rock paper scissors over who has to on the night’s we both cook. Like tonight .. one of his first nights back in our home since he left for over a month. I think it’s his turn to do the dishes. J

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