Stuck in a Weight Rut? Wanna Get Out? 5 Tips to Get You Out Now!

“Nothing changed, yet I am gaining weight?!?” 

Even though you are still worried about going out and you have not been hitting all your favorite restaurants you still keep seeing the scale at the same freaking number. Why is this? Do you feel just incapable of losing weight. Like WTH … when will this stupid scall actually move? Will I always just be overweight and fat? Or will I actually begin to see a weight loss???

I mean you have been doing a great job at not hitting the pantry every 5 minutes.  You are skipping on the candy, cakes, and cookies… yet … the damn scale keeps going up … up … up! While this is just a number and you know it does not define you … it ruins your day. You are always thinking about it. You feel everyone around is still looking at you like she is 176 lbs that is just FAT.

So why is this? Why is it that you cannot lose weight or cannot keep it off. Why is it that no matter what diet you do it seems that as soon as it is over you gain it all back and then some?

Reasons why you could be gaining weight or not losing  

  1. Stress 

  2. Lack of sleep 

  3. Too little calories

  4. Too many calories

  5. Too much exercise

So let’s break this down:


With the increase in stress from worrying about the virus, the economy, your kids that are now constantly home… your stress level can be a major reason you have increased your weight

Luckily, I have an answer for you.  Here are three things I do daily to balance this out. 

  1. Yoga - daily I spend at least 10 minutes doing basic yoga stretches.  Just go to You Tube and enter daily yoga and you will find a ton of videos on how to do some basic moves. This will help drop the stress level. 

  2. Meditation - every night before I close my eyes, I listen to another meditation video on you tube to clear the mind. My favorites are the gratitude meditations that have you focus on the positive things and leave you with a more restful sleep.

2.Lack of sleep.

While this may seem simple….. just sleep more it is not always that easy. So the most simple thing to do to give your body more rest is to take 1-5 minutes every hour, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. In for 3 and out for 3. Repeat a mantra in your head like release or rest or peace or something you are grateful for. It will help calm your body and your mind. This will feel like more sleep and more rest and because of it your body will release stress and help shed some weight.

3.Too little calories

We have all done it … we ate too much this weekend or we ate too much yesterday so today we skip on breakfast, skip on calories, or heck follow a 500-700 calorie diet. Problem with this is we could literally be destroying our metabolism. What this means is that if you continue to skip on food and calories you will actually bring your metabolic rate down to 0. Meaning maybe you could be burning about 3000 calories a day but because you keep bringing yourself down to 500 calories your body now only burns 500 a day. Imagine that means that every time you eat too many calories …. Every. Single. Calorie. Turns. To. Fat. YEP! Legit! Turns to fat!

4.Too many calories

I think this one speaks for itself …. You consume too many and you should really slow down…

5.Too much exercise

Believe it or not when we eat too much and decide we will combat it with too much workout our bodies actually gain weight. When we expend too much energy it is really hard for our metabolism to maintain its rate if we are not fueling it with enough calories and energy to sustain. This can also cause us to lose muscle mass because we are not providing our body with enough fuel to gain our muscle. Which in turn means we can lose more cells, become more tired, and lethargic and over turn into one big ball of fluff.

So how to do we do all of this????

Here’s your roadmap:

One- actually follow a diet that is made for you. One that provides you with enough calories, macronutrients and energy to make it through the day, the week, and all of the obstacles you face.

Two- workout daily but do not go so crazy that you are doing excessive amounts.

Three- practice yoga.

Four-deep breathing every hour

Five- actually get a plan that helps you incorporate this. Work with a coach to help keep you accountable and supported.

Try these 5 thing on the regular now and watch your life transform!

For more personalized training and plans please feel free to reach out. I would love to help customize this for you!

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