Sticking with your Goals and making them standards.

Sticking with your Goals and making them standards.

We all have that grand moment where we are like “I am going to lose 10 lbs between Jan 1 and March 31st!”……. and then January 21 hits and we are cold, in debt from the holidays and not feeling so well about ourselves so we go ahead and eat the 18 doughnuts that the kind client brought to the office today.

Then we feel yicky and unsure if we want to continue on our weight loss journey. But let’s face it that is no way to tackle our goals. We need to have something to do daily to help us achieve the end result!

So let’s break down the 20 lb weight loss. So we start with something simple. We track our calories and get ourselves physically active 30 minutes daily. Not to shabby right? RIGHT!

But we have to hold ourselves accountable. So daily you need to check in with yourself. Did I eat well? Did I track my calories? Did I get myself active for 30 minutes today?

If you answer no to ANY of those questions then the day is not in your favor for your goal. We must work harder the next day to keep working to achieve all of these things to see the 20 lb loss we strive to get.

Every. Single. Day. We must work hard on losing weight. It must become as routine as brushing our teeth. Weight loss isn’t easy. It is not a snap of the fingers. It is a time consuming, life changing thing. We must work hard to achieve the results.

Just like a toddler … we stand up. We fall. We take a step. We fall. We take two steps. We fall. So on and so forth. I understand that it will take time to lose that 20 lbs and you should too. Give yourself grace to lose weight. It is NOT something that can happen over night.

Then think about making that goal a standard for life! Once you lose that 20 lbs you want to keep it off right????? So after March 31, we must keep aiming to eat well and keep ourselves active. This is a training for life. This is movement and eating for a better life. A life we want to live everyday. We cannot only do that on the days “we feel like it.” We need to achieve that goal and make it amazing everything single day until it becomes a standard by which we live!

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