Setting those New Year goals

Happy New Year!

As I sat down to write this, I was listening to a podcast called “Straight up” by Trent Shelton. I recently learned who he was through Rachel Hollis’s podcast. He is a former NFL player who is now a public speaker. He discusses his program called “Rehab.”

Now while I do not have any drug or alcohol abuse that I need to rehab, I started thinking about the areas of my life I would like to rehab and the goals I have set for the new year.

Perhaps you too have set goals and might be like me and already saying (on Jan 2) that I will probably never meet these goals. Am I right? I have literally always talked myself out of the game as soon it begins. I have told myself I am competitive and that is why I don’t play games because what if I lose????? I always hated losing. I am one of three sisters and the youngest and I always lost. They were besties and inseparable so when I wanted to join in their fun, I was always the butt.

So now at age 34 I still talk myself out of the game. So, since I wrote my goals, simple and easy (I will get to those), I decided to dive deeper. I forced myself to set a goal and to set a step by step on how to get there each month of the year. So, every month, every day, I am going to look at them and see what do I need to do today to NOT fail at these goals. NOW, do not get me wrong some of them are money and business related and I can only control so much there HOWEVER, if I look at these daily and keep my mind on track at the end of this year there is no way I can lose.

So today as you set your goals of “eating better” “losing weight” “being a better mommy” “spending more time on you” “comparing less” “earning more” “achieving your business dreams” “working on college” “meeting the man of dreams” I want you to know you are not alone. I want you to achieve your goals as much as I want to achieve my own. Daily I have new men and women who jump into my fitness and nutrition workshops to learn how to eat and live better. But in these programs, they also learn how to goal set and do all of this realistically because you cannot go from eating anything you want to a keto diet and not expect to bounce back at some point.

So, while I do want you to look into my nutrition workshops…. I am not here to sell you today. I would just like to explain my goals for the year. I would love to hear yours. I would love to be a part of yours, all you have to do is connect. Please always reach out. Leslie Fiala Urbas on facebook or @lurbas11 on Instagram or email me at

Without further ado:

1) I have Helped 10 people a month invest in my nutrition and fitness workshop

2) I have Helped 10 people a month to workout 3x per week.

3) I have Read 12 personal/professional development books

4) I have Read 6 “grow your marriage into the best marriage” books.

5) I have Spent 1 hour per day with my daughter without phone, internet, or TV.

6) I Eat 90% healthy.

7) I Workout daily.

8) I Stop comparing myself.

9) I am finically free

10) I am an extraordinary leader.

Simple yes. But if I can reach this by the end of the year. I will be much more fulfilled in life than I could ever imagine!

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