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My Review of BeachBody’s Whey Protein Supplement called Recover

While there are 100s even 1000s of protein supplements out there I have decided that I want to start reviewing some of the top ones my client use so you can truly know if you are making a good or bad decision when you decide to refuel post workout.

Protein source and amount

-Whey protein and 20 grams: This supplement provides you with a good amount of protein post workout. Most research studies suggest that you need at least 20 grams of protein post workout in order to recover the muscles adequately. Whey protein is the milk protein that is digested fast enough to get to the muscles fast to recover the loss from workout. The only downfall here is that the supplement does not add Casein protein to help fuel the muscles later. However they do have another supplement you can buy with casein for nighttime to help provide better results.

Provides BCAAs

Research shows that branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are the building blocks to muscle recovery. These branched chain amino acids help refuel and replenish muscle supply asap. This is very important in the recovery phase.

Does contain carbs

While most of the time I prefer to not have carbs in my post workout shake (only cause I prefer to eat them) … BeachBody adds 10 grams of carbs to the shake. This is not a bad thing; however it is something to take into consideration if you are counting your carbs. Carbs are very important post workout to refuel the glycogen (carb storage) in your muscle. The carb storage in our muscle is important for the activation of our muscles. So adding carbs to the shake just helps your body recover faster so you can get to more activity sooner.


Currently the only flavors offered are chocolate and orange. While the chocolate is very good. Some complain it is too powdery. As for the orange thing less orange frosty and more orange dreamsicle.

Overall the shake will help you recover muscles based on current scientific research. You just have to determine if the flavor, the carbs, and consistency are right for you.

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