Setting Priorities, it isn’t always easy.

So as many of you know by now I am a mom, a military wife, a dietitian, and a trainer who is building her business from scratch at a time when it seems everyone is building a business and trying to grab the right side hustle that will make him/her millions overnight. Am I right?

So at times it is so hard like what do I do first? Lily is screaming throwing a temper tantum yet again. The cats want some love. The hubby needs dinner cooked since he will be getting home late. But I have allllllllllllll of these things on my to- do list for me and my business. Where do I start? How do a start? And how can I eliminate the overwhelm.

For starters for me …. It is making sure I start my day for me. I know this sounds crazy but every morning. I meditate. I clean up the dried dishes on the rack. I feed the cats. I think about my day and the intentions I have and the feelings I want to bring. I imagine myself as my daughter has her first temper tantrum. I imagine myself as I feel behind since she interrupts my morning workout. I imagine myself in overwhelm. AND believe it or not I PLAN how I will overcome it and NOT let it take over my day!

Take today for example. Lily woke up at 0230 crying. Trying to keep myself asleep I took her from her crib into my bed so I could go back to sleep. Now this isn’t easy because I then have to sneak out of bed at 0500 to do my morning routine and workout before she gets up. Today I wasn’t successful. She joined me promptly at 0605 to finish my hour workout. Now since I had already planned for this to happen I did not stress as I took a 5 min break mid-workout to pour her milk, cereal, and get her blocks to play with. As she got fussy, I kept saying Lily mommy is trying to get strong! Can you get strong with mommy??? And BOOM she would settle down.

SO I know it sounds crazy…. But I actually plan for the chaos. And as a mom, military wife, and business owner I have to do this or I will not be as successful as I want to be.

Now for the work – work. I plan it when Lily will be busy either with friends or in class or something. I do the cleaning then. I do the blog work, the you tube work, the planning then. So in the moments I can be with my daughter and my hubby. I can actually BE with them.

If you do not know how to batch work or plan ahead I suggest you check out some amazing people who do those things, or in fact I suggest that you ask for a coach such as myself to help you learn how to do these simple things.

Happy prioritizing!

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