Meal Time Struggle?

All my kid wants is chocolate ……

HAHA I totally get it. One thing I see happen a lot is once you give your kid a bite of food and they spit it out you are like … ugh he does not like it.

Simple answer … not true. He just does not know what it is yet. He does not trust it. And he needs time.

So many of us just think our kids only like chicken nuggets and fries or whatever else they love. But honestly…. Most of us love chicken nuggets, fries, chocolate, high fat foods, so of course our kids also love these things. The taste and mouth feel are approved on first bite.

But what about broccoli and zucchini and chicken and brown rice. Just because your baby spits it out does not mean no. It means try again mom. The average kid takes 7 or more times before he or she knows if they like it or not.

Take Lily for example… it has taken me about 10 times of fresh green beans before she liked fresh over canned. I did not give up. I always presented fresh first. If she refused I would still provide canned, however … I waited at least 10 minutes before giving her the green beans.

SO what that means:

530pm provide Lily with fresh green beans

Get her to try them at least 3 times. If she still refuses

540pm provide her with canned green beans.

Make sense?

The problem is if we give in at the first time they spit it out… at 5 years old they will forever be battling you with no mom I will not eat that. Now who in the world wants to cook 4 meals??? NOT ME!

So save yourself some stress now mom. Keep trying the food. Even if you have tried the potatoes 10 times …. Keep trying. The moment you give up is the moment you become a short order cook.

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