Lose Weight with These Foods!

Are you confused at what to eat that will support you to lose weight? Well here are my top 6 foods that will help you lose weight and keep it off.

1. Veggies with FIBER – as you stroll through the grocery store look for vegetables that have at least 3 gram of fiber per 1 cup serving. Things like salad may seem like a healthy choice, however you are more likely to go back hungry again when you are done eating since lettuce does not have as much fiber as other veggies.

2. Fruit with FIBER – again look for fruits that are packed with fiber! Again 3 grams per cup like a pear or blackberries. These will digest slower and keep you fuller for longer.

3. Carbs with Fiber and Protein – such as dave’s killer bread. Check out my previous you tube video for more on Dave’s Killer Bread

Link to buy dave’s killer bread:

4. Greek Yogurt – Yogurt that is packed with at least 10 grams of protein and has less than 7 grams of added sugar will help stop the hunger and keep you satisfied with a sugar crash. When looking at yogurt make sure it meets those 2 qualities

5. Cheese – look for cheese that has a good amount of protein such as 5-7 grams per ounce of cheese. I also look to make sure it was not made from milk with BST hormones added.

My Favorite Cheese it Tillamook.

6. Heart Healthy Butter like Avocado Butter: Butter is actually an ok FAT when it is made from a heart healthy oil like avocado, olive, or peanut oils. This butter is one of my favorites to add fats to meals and snacks to help keep me full and satisfied. Try it

Link to try Avocado Butter:

Do not think you have to skip flavor for a diet. Do not think you have to give up your favorite foods to see the pounds go down. You can EAT what you want and lose weight. You just neeed a plan catered to you!

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