Just a Piece of My Life

There is no way my hubby would ever let me pay for that!

Is this a struggle in your house too? Like you have this amazing idea on how to redecorate, or meal plan, or workout, or change your home life but your husband is like …. No way babe.

It is like having the best moment of your life and then having someone throw freezing cold water in your face. Ugh … what the heck.

As a woman, a mom, a dietitian, a master’s degree holder … the list goes on and on. I feel like my opinion and decision with money should count for something right?

Yes I agree budgeting it helpful. Planning money is helpful. But if you have the opportunity to make your home life better wouldn’t you do it?

Most people worry about money. Most people freak out about a big expense but if we had to bail our hubby out of jail for 5k tomorrow we would do it. No questions asked.

So why do we freak out when we invest in something like our health, our life, our kids, our home…. It is almost like we downgrade our existence when we just allow ourselves to provide a better life because we are too scared about the money.

Yet we will blow 150 bucks on a coach purse or a fancy meal. But when it comes to actually paying for something that can improve our health, our stress, our time … we decide nah … we do not need it.

All I know is when I decide to do something to decrease my stress, anxiety, medical bills, grocery bills …. My hubby would be so joyous.

So I am just curious why do we stop ourselves from making life decisions that better us when we should allow them to change our life?

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