I just want to feel good in my skin

I want to feel great when I get on the scale. I want to feel sexy in my clothes. I want to look great in my bikini! How in the world do I know if my diet will work for me?

Here are Top 3 things to look for in your diet:

1. Do you like the foods the you have to eat? Seems simple but if you are on a diet that is low carb or no carb but your favorite foods are pasta, bread, and rice ... one day you will decide meh ... this diet is not actually for me. Remember holidays still come around. Weddings still happen. Dining out is inevitable! So do not give up on eating foods you love for a weight loss that will only come back and haunt you.

2. Was the diet specifically designed for you. I mean think about it. If your doctor took one look at you and said ... oh I know what you have "Jenny" had it too. Do this to help yourself..... would you believe him? Or would you want a second opinion!? I mean for real. Why do we follow a mainstream diet just because it worked for someone else does not actually mean it will provide you results.

3. The diet has to fit your calorie level. Believe it or not you can have a lower calorie level than you think. Using food trackers and mainstream fad diets provided from trainers with no background in nutrition and destroy you metabolism. It can cause you to actually lose hundreds of calories you would typically burn at your height weight and age due to the fact that you FAD dieted and starved your body.

I mean who wants to go into their 60s and only be able to eat 600 calories a day to see weight loss?? Follow these few steps anytime you want to start a new diet plan.

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