I go to the gym … why don’t I see results?

Ever feel this way? Like Why. The. Hell. Do. I. Workout. I get no where. My ass does not look like J-LO. My abs do not look like an Olympian. My waist line is not shrinking. Like What. The. Hell. Why can I not just be fit already?

I have to tell you I struggled with this for years. Years. In high school I started working out every morning for 1 hour. When I saw 0 results I increased to add 30 minutes of running at night. Shocked and still having 0 weight loss and 0 muscle tone…. I went to college.

In college I kept up my 2 a day routine, and added in some weights. Shockingly I did see results, but I was also changing my diet so I was truly unsure at what the hell what finally changing that waistline.

A few years after college when I began personal training, I processed the type of exercise I was doing was 100% wrong with me. Cardio Queen Leslie was getting nowhere. Literally guys I taught 10 spin classes a week and the scale never budged.

Funny thing is I did not want to spend 100 bucks a week on a personal trainer. I wanted to be able to workout on my schedule, afford my workouts, and be able to use the skills for life… not just need someone who would need me to stay training with them for life.

Sound anything like you? Like why in the world do I exercise? Why do I try? Why can’t I see results? I refuse to pay so much money that I just have to keep paying.

Back then I would kill for the plan I have now. The plan is made 100% for me, my body. My needs and my life. I am able to workout at home or at the gym or even out of town. I am able to see results and not waste my life away at the gym like I did in my 20s.

At 34 years old, I am leaner, more toned, and feel 18 times better about my life.

How I did it was through weighted cardio. The best program for me isn’t just weights or cardio. It is a combination of both in a fashion I could never imagine.

Jumping with medium sized weights has shown maximum results. Things like jumping squats, jumping lunges, burpees and many more with weights have shown to provide me results. I do these on rotation for 30 seconds a piece with a 20 second break. I typically do three rounds.

On days I lift heavier weights I do sets of 10-15 with cardio intervals in between such as jumping jacks, running in place, burpees and more.

The routine is designed for me and not a one size fits all but when done right in conjunction with what your body needs you will see faster results.

If you are anything like me and dying to see results stop wasting time on all these quick fixes and gym classes. (save the time and money trust me) and invest in a program made for you!

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