How to Survive the Holidays Without the Weight Gain!

Well it’s that time of the year where if you don’t watch what you eat a little bit … you have the possibility of not fitting in those jeans come Jan.  LOL …. Seriously though weight gain between Halloween to New Years is 7-10 lbs! I feel like no one has time for that, so let’s discuss some tips!

How to survive the holidays without the weight gain!

  1. Eat at least 3 veggies and 2 fruits every day -  WHY??? Well they are lower in calories and higher in nutrients than any other food so it will fuel you and help you to live a healthy life even when you might not be eating right! So get the fruits and veggies in even when you have a million holiday parties and things.  

  2. Plan to eat 90% of your whole day healthfully. This does not mean skip all the cookies and cakes and candies.  It does not mean skip the dinner with family and friends. What it means is fuel your body with lean protein, veggies, and whole grains, and then when you are out and about try and limit the intake of the bad, but enjoy yourself (see number 6 for deeper information).  You should be able to say at the end of your day 90% of what you ate is healthy. 

  3. Do not skip breakfast. Believe it or not you will eat all the calories at night then and increase your chances of not fitting into those jeans. 

  4. Bring a healthy dish to the party with you. I did not say bring veggies to the party.  I said healthy. Bring a healthy whole grain, vegetable full, lean protein dish with you. So you can eat eat eat and still enjoy those cookies and drinks! Bringing a veggie tray will probably only increase your chances of getting the eye roll ….. lol … so lets make something yummy and healthy.

  5. Fill up on lean meat and veggies. Every meal and snack, make sure you have some sort of lean and by lean I mean less than 3 grams of fat per 1 oz of meat and some veggies. Goal … do not cover the veggies in butter or ranch.  Use a bit of olive oil or cooking spray for flavor. You can also use any kind of herb or spice.  

  6. Choose only 1 unhealthy part to the holiday meal. Ok think this through.  You go to dinner and get a huge appetizer and fried meal followed by an amazing dessert not to mention the 4 extra fru fru drinks you had.  SO when you go---- choose 1 of those things and make the rest healthy. You still have fun and get what you want without the overindulging! 

  7. Exercise 30 minutes most days. Try and move. I did not say go pound out a million reps at crossfit.  I said move. Get into gear. Take a walk, do yoga, catch a class or workout video and get moving. 

  8. Do not go to the party starving. I feel like this is self-explanatory however don’t go to the holiday party starving because you only ate breakfast.  You will increase the amount of food you eat by two fold! 

  9. Drink half your body weight in water. Ok let’s make this easy you weigh 200 lbs …. Divide it by 2 and you need 100 oz of water per day. Simple and easy.  Do not skip it. Thirsty = hungry = increase in calories. The end. 

  10. Remember that food is always there! Portion control and eat more later. This is my favorite.  EAT THANKSGIVING MEAL ALL DAY. Have a portion for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Do not eat just 1 big meal.  Eat it all day! Trust me if you portion properly and do it all day long you will come out ahead!

Hope these help!  Remember I am always around the corner to get you started on your last weight loss journey!

Leslie Urbas MS RDN LDN CDE


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