How to Stop Binge Eating with these 10 Tips!

Stop Going to the Pantry for Snacks with these 10 Tips

Are you constantly going to the pantry for snacks? Like you seems to look at the clock every hour and think hmmmm ….. what snack can I grab next.

Are you going between things like chips, crackers, cakes, candy, cookies, and so many more yummy snacks thinking “I really need to curb this habit but I have no clue how!?!?

Well here are 10 times

Pictures of yourself on the panty and fridge

1) 10 push-ups or sit ups every time you try and snack

Literally get down on the floor every time you touch the fridge or freeze or pantry and force yourself to do 10 push-ups or sit ups. Eventually you will be too sore to think to do anymore so you will avoid the pantry!

2) Eat a stick of celery before you can snack

Buy a BUNCH of celery cut them up into sticks and every time you head to the fridge, pantry or freezer you must eat a stick of celery. STOCK UP on CELERY cause if you snack a lot you will run out! Eventually you will hate celery and stop snacking.

3) Put a timer on your phone for 2-3 hours after you eat and you can only eat when the timer goes off.

Have an alert alarm for when to eat helps you to stop thinking about food and puts you into a mindset of a routine.

4) Place a notepad on the counter every time you snack write it down. It will let know how often you are going

Keeping track of how often you snack will let you know how much you need to stop.

5) Only allow yourself to buy 1 package of chips, cookies, candy per week. If it runs out. That’s it. No more is allowed. Split the package evenly between all family members

6) If you are stress eating or bored eating go outside and get fresh air for 10 minutes

Literally watch my you tube video today and learn how to decrease the stress and cortisol so you can stop gaining weight.

7) Before you snack drink 8 ounces of plain water.

Better yet make it cold water and burn 50 calories for every glass you drink!

8) Eat satisfying meals which contain carbs protein and fat

Examples a burger with a bun, Greek yogurt with fruit and a few almonds

9) Do not allow yourself more than 1 right sized alcohol at night or you will likely binge eat more without feeling the weight of your decisions.

Be careful with portions. 5 oz of wine, 12 oz of beer, 1.5 oz of liquor is your serving.

10) Work with a nutrition coach!

Having a coach to help you work through this and set up for your future is sooo important.

I hope this helps you decrease the snacking!

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