How to stop being lazy!

Are you one of those people who say …. “I will get that done tomorrow.” “I won’t hit snooze.” “I will workout in the morning.” “I will get up and get xyz accomplished before my kids wake up.” ……. And yet day after day you still never actually get up and do any of it? Here are my 6 tips on how to get yourself to start doing it and stop being LAZY.

1. Discipline --- Build it. Learn to love it. Make it habit. Learn to live by it. You expect to discipline your kids and for them to listen. I tell Lily “no that is hot.” I expect by time 2 or 2 she knows “mom said no because this is hot.” And when they do not what do we do. We yell louder or communicate more firmly. As adults we still have to do this to ourselves so we too can actually commit to what we promised ourselves to do. If you have no discipline … then you can expect 0 result.

2. My favorite 5…4…3…2…1. Mel Robbins created this. It is just simple … when the alarm goes off count backwards 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 …. 1… and before you hit 1 stand up. No thoughts … not maybe’s just stand up. Once you are up the thoughts will go to ok now what can I get done! Here is the link to buy the book:

3. Win the battle to get up and your pattern continues and you keep winning. You get out of bed early awesome battle won! I go workout before anyone is up … awesome battle won! I shower alone with no kids in the background! Awesome battle won! Think about it Battle after battle WON before most even get out of bed!

4. After you begin this pattern, you will start to feel better about yourself. I mean think of your to-do list and everything you can cross off. You will be instantly in a better mood. So when your kids get up you laugh with them, smile with them, and spend more quality time with them before you head to work and they get off to school!

5. Keep it consistent with the time you wake up. Sounds stupid yes but even on the weekends I wake up and go to the bed at the same time. It is about 100% easier to stay on one schedule then sleep in. Why? Because Monday morning when that alarm goes back off early … it will take you more time to make getting up a habit and be harder for you to produce the results as described above.

6. We literally all feel like there is never enough time in the day. Everyone has a problem with time … but we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Depends on how you want to spend it. I could decide to park illegally outside of where I work because I “do not have enough time that morning to find a parking spot.” But when I get out of work I will have to go get my car from the tow lot, pay a ton of fees, and spend a lot more time and money on bailing myself out. When I literally could have taken the extra 5-10 minutes an saved myself hours of a headache.

So the choice is yours … continue to allow yourself to be lazy and get lazy results or own your life and make it yours!

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