How I lost weight

A small look into my personal weight loss story….

“Ugh why is this stupid spare tire still hanging around my waist???” I muttered in my head as I looked into the mirror. With disgust on my face the wheels in my head started turning. 

I stood there looking and determined it was time to kick this mediocre diet plan and exercise routine to the curb. I got tired of the shitty results I was receiving.  

I already had a strong expertise in nutrition. So I decided to become a personal trainer too, in order to complete my knowledge and answer the question...

..."How the heck do I get rid of this last 10 pounds?????"

I made it my mission to figure out the perfect diet and exercise routine to melt off those last 10 lbs. It took a lot of trial and error, frustration and dead ends...yet finally I did it. 

There was something surprising about it all... 

...the solution involved doing a lot less work in the gym and planning meals than I thought it would. In fact, less effort than I was putting in already!

There is actually 3 steps I went through to make this happen (and you can do it too): 

  1. I started my routine of weighted cardio program designed specifically by me and for me.... 

  2. I tweaked my diet to be able to lose the weight off my waistline yet still enjoy my life with my hubby, and be able to breastfeed... 

  3. I created a sustainable plan that had me eating healthy, good tasting foods. 

Sure everyone out there says ”diet and exercise to lose those pesky lbs.” BUT honestly I was doing those things and nothing was happening.

What it really takes is a plan catered to you, your needs, and your body type. Apple shaped women need a plan different than pear shaped women . 

The desk worker needs a plan that fits her diet and life the right way. 

A woman who works the night shift for 8 weeks and changes to day shift.  It is not something that only works  It is something that is flexible and can be accomplished 365 days a year. 

This is why all those diets you have done, all the workout plans you completed still never helped you lose that flab.  

Until you have a plan scientifically designed for you, you will jump from plan to plan leaving you feeling still flabby. 

 I am happy to report that I did lose that flab and continued to help others with their flab as well. 

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