How do you meal plan?

How the heck do I make a meal plan for my family?

The struggle is real. How do we do this? How do we plan for a family of 4? How do we make it easier on ourselves?

Think about all the things that you have to take into consideration:

1) Likes and dislikes

2) Ages

3) Portion sizes

4) Health

5) Money

6) Grocery planning

7) Time spent to cook the meal

8) Rotating meals

9) Getting healthy foods


And man is it hard! It is hard to figure out what exactly is for dinner tonight. We get stuck in this rut of just eating the same things, dining out a lot, using quick easy meals that are not cheap or healthy …. The list goes on and on.

Here is a few quick tips to help:

1) Plan meals that include a veggie, starch, fruit, and meat. It is best to include 4 food groups at each meal.

2) Choose snacks that have at least a carb and protein.

3) Use leftovers as another meal or lunch the next day!

4) Make sure breakfast is the biggest meal of the day.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just have someone around that knew how to put all of these things together and make a meal plan for you and your family based on your needs and your likes so you never had to put hard work into meal planning again?

I think so too! Which is why this is what I do for a living. I help you and your family create a solution to the stress of cooking, stress of grocery shopping, choosing healthy foods which saves you time and money every. Single. Day!

Why keep wasting our lives away on what to cook, what to plan, how to think outside of the box, and make it so the family loves it? When you could have a plan made just for you!

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