How do I dine out healthfully?

Let’s just say it is Friday night and you and your family are headed out to the local restaurant to enjoy some delicious food.

You plan on getting an appetizer, meal, and dessert…. Maybe even a glass of wine or two because you damn well deserve it. BUT what you are not thinking about is that one meal could be almost your entire day of calories!

So when you get back on the scale Monday your heart sinks thinking about how the hell you can lose this weight when you just keep losing the same 1-2 lbs.

The answer is keep this dining out meal simple and only splurge in one area:

So choose between the following:

1) Appetizer

2) Unhealthy meal

3) Unhealthy dessert

4) Fru-Fru drink.

So I could skip the app, get the fried chicken and broccoli, skip the dessert and have the 2 glasses of wine. Or I could get the app, the grilled chicken and broccoli, no dessert, and 2 glasses of wine.

SUPER simple. We have to stop eating a lot of cheats in one meal in order to save calories so we can still be human the other days of the week. 

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