Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Healthy eating tips for the 4th of July

It is a big holiday here in the US. It is our 4th of July this week.

But let's face it... you do not want to destroy everything you worked for this past few months to see your waistline blow up because you choose to eat unhealthy all week! So how do you eat healthy?

Note the most important thing to remember is the holiday is one day not entire week. So try not to overeat every single day.

BUT just because you do not binge eat every day does not mean you cannot have a tiny splurge each day this week. 

SO here is the top 2 tips to stay eating healthy this week:

1. Do not say “I am not going to eat that.” As soon as you tell yourself … I cannot eat the cupcake/cookie/candy/hot dog/cheese …. Whatever … you will binge eat on it or something else you do not need to eat. So eat whatever it is you want! BUT eat it in a healthy portion and measure it out. Enjoy it! And be done with it and move on with your day.

2. Do not drink too much and lose all inhibitions. If you are trying to stay on track with your calories. If you are trying to eat healthy, when you do drink too much you will eventually binge eat on things you are trying to avoid. Try to only drink 1 drink per hour and balance it with enough water.


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