"Healthy" Alcohol

What kind of alcohol is “good for me?”

Well … since it is about to be the 4th of July … I want to give you some ideas of some good for you ideas for alcohol!

Remember I am not participating in the alcohol this year since I am now 36 weeks pregnant But I am excited to share with you what alcohol you should consume.

Believe it or not research actually shows that if you drink alcohol in the proper portion aka 5 oz of wine, 1.5 oz of hard alcohol, 12 oz of beer, you actually get a healthy benefit. NOW that also means 1 drink a day for a woman and 2 for a man! So yes if you drink it is actually good for you!

So now what is actually good for me:

1.) Hard liquor … it actually is ok to drink 1.5 oz of hard liquor. Most people try to use vodka instead of the others because of sugar content but the tiny bit of difference in the kinds of hard liquor really are null and void so drink which hard liquor you want to drink BUT watch the mixer!

2.) Mixers --- this can be dangerous! Sodas, Juices, Mixes can contain a LOT of unwanted calories and sugar. So try to stick with calorie free beverages like water and club soda.

3.) Beer? Yes or no. As long as it is a light version like corona light or bud light or a light type of beer you will save calories. But your dark, heavy beers would def give you more like 150-200 calories per beer. Selzer beers are of course ok as well

4.) Wine and champagne? Can I? Yes you can but make sure the wine or champagne is a lower sugar version. Try to avoid the sweet wines and champagnes. Go with more dry versions of these drinks to decrease the sugar and calories.

SO overall. Remember and enjoy your alcohol! However watch the portion! Watch the sugar! And enjoy your 4th of July!

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