Fit for you!

So since we are in the beginning stages of this blog I figured I would discuss my passion for fitness.

It started when I was 16 years old. I was always an athlete but when I turned 16 I decided to take fitness to another level. I started walking 3 miles in the morning with my mom. I would then run 2 miles after school.

This began my obsession. I had always watched my mom do videos at home. I will never forget watching her do them and following along trying to do them myself. I remember at the age of 8 that I wanted to make a workout video myself.

This is part of why I decided to become a dietitian and personal trainer. I was always motivated and always driven to workout. At times in my life I have worked out 2 times a day, for 3-4 hours a day. I have taught spin classes, bootcamp classes, aqua classes and many more.

I have taken just about every form of workout class I can come across. It is where my heart lies.

And honestly it is MUCH more fun when you have others there to do it with you. It is much more fun when you can hop on a virtual line and workout long distance. It is amazing to touch so many people with something as beautiful and amazing as exercise.

So if you are reading this like girl you are crazy. That where I come in. I am here to help you achieve those workout dreams. I am always looking for new men and women to join my online virtual gym and take their fitness to a personal, more fun level.

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