Am I the only mom who loses it?

Am I the only mom that yells?

Lily is 18 months old now and while she does her best to talk as much as she can her vocab isn’t as big as she would like it to be. The girl will sit in front of me and jabber on like I 100% understand her, but then there are moments that she gets sooooo upset that I do not understand what the heck she wants or why the toy won’t do what she wants it to do!

A lot of temper tantrums and screaming at the top of her lungs happen in our home. She has some mental breakdowns where she throws things or bangs things and I have to correct her. Yet when she repeatedly ignores that nice mom voice of “Lily we do not bang the toy on the glass please. Can we play with something else?” …… you raise your voice to get her attention.

Please tell me I am not the only mom who is losing her cool on a regular basis?!?!?!

I am working so hard at trying to make her days easy and carefree. She can sign basic needs but it still does not help when she cannot tell me exactly what her brain is telling her. The struggle between staying “cool calm mom” and “momma off the lease” is a fine line these days.

I am working so hard on giving her fun things to do and fun entertainment. Lots of love. Lots of books. Lots of just being with her, but there are times when after the 4th mental breakdown … all I can think is “Lily let mommy pee alone please.” “Lily let mommy shower without you screaming or begging to get into the drawer with her make up please.”

Add to this being a military wife who hubby is currently gone … and the words “MOMCATION” cross my mind 1600 times a day … ok maybe a second.

Does this make me a bad mom? I do not think it does and if you beg to differ I ask that you keep your opinion to yourself cause this momma understands there are good days and bad days.

I plan to keep on keeping on as a mom. I also will continue to plan my momcation in my head …

How about you?

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