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Is this you?

Somewhere between their early 20s and becoming a busy working woman with 18000 things to do, kids screaming in the background and dogs barking at the mailman, women lose their ability to be happy with themselves.


These women feel

  • Stressed, worn-down 

  • Failing to lose weight even though they are working to achieve results 

  • Going to the gym constantly but getting 0 results? 

  • Feeling a Lack of worth because their clothes don’t fit 

  • Just a number on the scale 

  • Hamster on a wheel constantly trying the next diet or exercise thing that fails 

  • Flabby, "mom pooch", trying to tone up that last bit of fat that just never goes away 

  • Overweight? Obese? Or maybe just trying to lose that last 10lbs 

  • Struggling with what to cook for dinner

  • Struggling with how to feed their family and themselves and still lose weight? 

  • Trying to still be a "fun mom" but always restricting their calories and their "fun foods?"

  • Trying anything someone sends to them because they want results now. 

  • Jumping on supplements, weight loss plans, and quick fixes because they worked for someone else on the internet?"​

While it is totally normal for them to feel this way. It feels so much better when they have control over their lives. Becoming a well-versed working woman and mother does not mean we have to give up our bodies. So, all we need is the right information, support, and accountability to feel like we run our own lives again. Partnering with a Registered Dietitian for meal planning, nutrition planning, workout plans, and overall accountability provides you with a plan fit for your body that easy to incorporate into your family and routine.


It's time to feel

  • Ecstatic and happy about your life and ready to take on the world

  • Successful

  • Happy with your body

  • Like a bunny on the move always ready to play with your kids

  • Fit, tone, and in sick physical condition

  • Sexy for your significant other

  • In the best shape of your life

  • The fun happy go lucky mom

  • Keeping up with her kids and friends

  • Loving how you look in the mirror

  • Feeling great in your clothes

  • Loving your life

  • Having a meal plan build for you and your family

  • Having stress free about worries about if your food is healthy

  • Having stress free cooking and plans for dinner 

  • enjoying every moment of your life

  • Ready to take on whatever life throws at you

Uncover what you really need to achieve this amazing life with a Registered Dietitian online or in-person!

Let's crush goals together!

Your Coach!

Leslie Urbas, MS, RDN, LDN, CDE, Trainer

Published in Authority Magazine

Featured in Under Armor, FitBit, & Myfitnesspal


Leslie is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Trainer, and Professional Nutrition Coach who is passionate about health, nutrition, and happiness. Throughout the years, her business has grown but her focus has always remained consistent; Fit & Fabulous Family Nutrition is here to help families lose weight, identify food sensitivities, and improve nutrition through custom meal plans and counseling with a professional dietitian. Please get in touch to learn more about nutritional coaching services and plans available.

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Dietitian Coach Leslie Urbas

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